TED-Like Talk

TED talks are people talking about ideas that can change the world. For example, I watched one called: The Worlds Most Dangerous Fart. It talked about farts from different animals and how they affect the world.

Our class watched 5 TED talks and then had to come up with our own. My topic was: The Perfect Mindset While Playing Basketball. 

I came up with this topic because I am really passionate about basketball and I can get frustrated. I wanted to tell people how to get over their frustration. When doing my talk I was a bit nervous but I got through it and this project was very fun.

Tree Book

In February we started to make tree books that later had leaf prints, our When This Is Over poem, our life lists, and our Salute to My Roots. In the art process, we used a brayer to spread ink onto a spongy slab. Next, we put a leaf on the slab. After that, we put a piece of magazine, map, or book on the slab with the leaf on it, and we used the brayer again to have the ink everywhere, except the outline and it made a really cool design. It was really helpful when Peg Gignoux came to the class and helped with the art.

We took a little break after that and started making poems and lists. Our life lists are what we want to accomplish in our lifetime. Some of the things I put on my list are: I want to go to The Caribbean, Make an EYBL team, and play in March Madness.

Salute To My Roots was a thank you and acknowledgment to someone in our lives that we love. I chose to write about my Minnie and Poppy because they are a big part of my life and I wanted them to know that.

Finally, the When This Is Over poem talks about what we remember from the pandemic. One thing I remember was watching every Duke game on TV because I usually go to the game so it was a lot different.

Then last weekend the books were on display at the Frank Gallery. This project was very fun and I wish we could do more projects like this!


In the book, The Westing Game, there is a character named Turtle Wexler who loves the stock market. She is very involved and looks at them daily.

We had $20,000 fake dollars to spend in 6 companies to make the most money. The companies I chose were Home Depot, Berkshire Hathaway, Target, American Express, Walmart, and General Electric Company. We followed and tracked those stocks for 3 months and we saw who made the most money. I lost over $1000. Yikes. At the beginning of this project, my stocks were doing very well, but, in the end, they slumped down so I lost a lot of money.

This project was super fun and I had a good experience knowing how the stock market works.

Planetarium Field Trip

On Wednesday, April 27 we went to the Morehead Planetarium. It was the first field trip since the 4th grade. Because of the impact of COVID, we could not go to other field trips so this one was special. In the first part, we went to a live science show and we saw many cool experiments with liquid nitrogen (first picture.) We also saw many cool tricks with electricity. After that, we walked around the campus and saw monuments. Next, we ate lunch and it was very delicious. Quickly after we went to the exhibits and saw many cool experiments. And lastly, my favorite part was the dome show. We walked into the dome and looked up and saw a show in the dome called Astronaut. After that, we looked at cool star constellations. Then we drove back to DA and played basketball. Overall, it was a very cool experience.

Kobe Bryant: Tribute to a Basketball Legend

The book that I am currently reading is called Kobe Bryant: Tribute to a Basketball Legend. I really recommend this to people who admire Kobe or want to know more about him. Kobe is a big idol to me for basketball and as a person.

The book talks about how Kobe is so good, him as a child, and highlights from his career. The thing that I admire about Kobe is his work ethic. In the book, it talks about how he would be in a full sweat after a very long workout BEFORE practice. It also talks about if he was being guarded well by someone then he would ask them after practice to play 1 on 1 until he won. I am still currently reading this book and it helps me understand how good and how much I have to love the game to be better and play to the next level.

Kobe is an inspiration to so many people besides myself. How about you?

Duke vs North Carolina


Oh yeah. Duke vs UNC. These two teams (in my opinion) have the biggest rivalry in all of sports. Duke will be playing at UNC on Saturday at 6:00 pm. Sadly I will not be able to watch the game because I have a basketball game at 6:30 but I might catch the end.

The players you will want to watch in this game will be Paolo Banchero, Wendell Moore, Mark Williams, AJ Griffin, Trevor Keels, and Jeremy Roach for Duke. For UNC, Armando Bacot, RJ Davis, Caleb Love, and Leaky Black.

UNC’s coach, Hubert Davis, will be coaching for the first time in a Duke vs UNC game. He obviously wants to start out on a good note, but Coach K will not let that happen.

As some of you know, I am Coach K’s grandson and these games are very important to our family. If we win, we’re the happiest. If we lose we are devastated. This is my grandpa’s last season at Duke and nothing would make me feel better than beating UNC twice.


Wisdom Tale Comic

During the year, we read Wisdom Tales and later on we made comics on specific tales. Wisdom tales are stories from around the world with morals. There were tales from Africa, Europe, the Jewish tradition, the Christian tradition, and more. Then, after we read a lot of wisdom tales, we had a little test on it. After that we got to choose one tale to make into a comic.

We made the comic using Comic Life 3 and I did my drawings using Paper by 53. There were a lot of tools you can use in Paper by 53, like watercolor, pens, and more. Then, I imported the pictures into Comic Life and added speech bubbles and then I was done. I chose the tale The Boatman. The Boatman is about a scholar who gets sailed down the river. The scholar makes fun of the boatman because he did not go to school. Then the boat sank and then the boatman made fun of the scholar because he did not learn to swim. The moral of the story is: all knowledge is valuable.

I wonder what tale you chose? Please Comment!

Denver Nuggets vs LA Clippers

This game was nuts. Two people scoring out of control for both teams, and a game winner? CRAZY.

Just to start it off, Nikola Jokic is a menace. He had a 49 point triple double.

This game went into overtime and it was awesome. With the Clippers up, Jokic throws an absolute dime to Aaron Gordon for the game winner.

Jokic led both teams in scoring, posting 49 points.

Ivica Zubac led the Clippers in scoring with 32 points.

Here were the 5 best players last night:

Nikola Jokic: 49 points      10 assists        14 rebounds

Joel Embiid: 50 points        2 assists          12 rebounds

Luka Doncic: 41 points        7 assists          14 rebounds

Trae Young:  37 points        14 assists        5 rebounds

Ja Morant:  33 points          14 assists        8 rebounds.

Phoenix Suns vs San Antonio Spurs

Now, this game wasn’t exactly close but it made me question if Devin Booker is going to win MVP.

The Suns were mostly dominant in the game but in the 4th quarter they just pulled away.

Devin Booker had 48 POINTS for the suns and behind him was Bismack Biyombo with 17 points.

Leading the spurs was Jakob Poeltl with 23 points.

Here were the 5 best players on January 17:

Devin Booker: 48 points    6 assists     5 rebounds

Miles Bridges: 38 points    5 rebounds  12 assists

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander: 34 points     5 assists     6 rebounds

Nicholas Batum: 32 points   3 assists      5 rebounds

Khris Middleton: 34 points     4 assists     7 rebounds.

19 Texas Tech vs 1 Baylor

I know this is a little late, but yet another #1 has fallen. #1 Baylor lost to #19 Texas Tech.

The Bears had a somewhat decent lead at halftime with a lead of 5 points. Texas Tech did not take that lightly when they came firing back for the win.

James Akinjo and Adam Flager lead the Bears in scoring both with 17.

Adonis Arms lead the Red Raiders in scoring with 14 and behind them was Kevin Obanor and Bryson Williams with 13.